First let me introduce myself to all of you
My name is Willeke, at the moment 55 years and living in the south
of Holland in a little town called Oisterwijk.
My hobby for several years now is PSP, a program to design and create,
with a lot of possibilities.

Trough lessons and groups I learned a lot and still do. One of the best
 things I love is tubing and that's why I liked building this site. To show you
all what I have made and the possibility for you to download and use my tubes
for your special creations.

I hope you like them and please respect the work of me and the artist's.
All of my tubes have been checked by ATT (Advanced Tubing Techniques), which means that you have a clean and qualified tube.

This is their sign

Please enter and let me know if you like it
Hugs, Willeke